Charlotte, NC — The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), maintained by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), is reporting another big one-week jump in deaths following COVID-19 injections with another 1,943 dead for 10,991 total deaths through July 9.

That follows the largest one-week death total last week when 2,063 new deaths by the vaccine were reported. Prior to the creation of the COVID-19 jabs, a total of 6,145 deaths were reported to VAERS for all vaccines combined since its creation in 1990.

As Brian Shilhavy notes at Vaccine Impact, the numbers don’t include deaths of the unborn because we live in a depraved society that doesn’t view them as a human. Including the 997 unborn children killed by the shots, the total number of VAERS reported deaths is 11,988 from the COVID-19 shots.

“You will not find a single corporate media outlet reporting these government statistics, as this has to be the MOST CENSORED information in the United States,” Shilhavy writes. “Not only will you NOT find this information reported in the corporate media, you will find ‘fact-checking’ articles trying to debunk these statistics, by stating that the presence of these reports does not ‘prove causation.’”

There is a hint of truth that the VAERS numbers can’t be trusted, but not in the way the corporate media wants you to believe. It has long been known that VAERS widely undercounts the number of vaccine deaths. As Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center said in 2009 that VAERS is “a very passive, voluntary system.”

“You cannot have the same people who are regulating, who are making policies for and promoting mass use of vaccines also in charge of making sure that they’re safe,” Fisher said.

Studies have shown VAERS only accounts for an estimated 1% to 10% of the true vaccine deaths meaning we could be talking hundreds of thousands to over a million dead from the COVID-19 jabs.

As I reported last week, it took just 3 deaths from the 1976 swine flu shot for governors to halt that vaccine eventually leading to the national vaccine program to end. Hey, Gov. Ron DeSantis! Hey, Gov. Kristi Noem! Hey, every Republican governor (as well as Democrat too, but certainly don’t count on them)! You have the power to stop this dangerous medical experiment!

Tennessee Republicans have ended the propaganda push to get kids vaccinated. It’s a step in the right direction, but they’re still offering the shots to kids.

We’ve already seen vaccine mandates in our country, primarily on employees and college students. Idaho is pushing the shot on healthcare workers. Texas, which has been a national leader on forcing vaccines for years, has already forced the jab on employees which was upheld by the courts.

In the name of “public health,” which does not exist, American children have been jabbed without their parents’ consent or knowledge.

My prediction is the vaccine mandates nationwide are coming by September. Why? The Army is telling soldiers to be prepared to be forced into submission to the experiment by September. Be prepared for mandates and medical kidnapping and loss of parental rights.

It’s time to prepare to push back and don’t count on the GOP, as Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) can likely attest. Massie has authored a bill to protect soldiers from being made guinea pigs. He has 24 co-sponsors, but he is facing immense scrutiny from his own party.

Furthermore, there’s a full frontal propaganda attack on the minds of Americans, from the right to the left and everyone in between. From Fox News to MSNBC, the corporate media is telling us to “be afraid, be very afraid” and preparing us for more lockdowns and mask mandates because of the “delta variant” which is not a threat at all. Fox’s Dr. Janette Nesheiwat is telling us the vaccines are our only savior.

As JD Washington reported, Biden’s mouthpiece Jen Psaki is saying the choice is freedom or death. Of course, this is an absurd and false choice, but let’s just say for a moment that were the choice. As for me, I side with Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, along with $13.5 million in funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, has announced a mass censorship campaign to deprive us of our First Amendment rights.

“I think that it’s time to say to those folks, it’s fine if you don’t choose to get vaccinated. You may not come to work. You may not have access to a situation where you’re going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy. Where you might kill them, or you might put them in a situation where they’re going to carry the virus to someone in a high-risk position,” said Obama’s HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera says “No Vaccine, No Work, No School, No In-person Shopping,” and CNN’s Leana Wen says “it needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated.” Mitch Daniels, former REPUBLICAN governor of Indiana and current Purdue University president, agrees that college students should be ostracized and removed from everyday life.

Maybe the most disturbing is media and political whore Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist megachurch in Dallas who says Christians should take it because Donald Trump “created” it and called the shots a “gift from God.”

Jeffress is now saying “what I don’t respect are Christians who say ‘my body, my choice.’ That’s what the pro-abortionists say.” Remember, this hypocrite said it was fine to used murdered unborn babies to make vaccines.

It’s time to stand up to this. The people of Greece and France are fighting back. Americans in Idaho are as well. We need more of that, and we need to stand together.