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Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is scared about what might be found in the Jan 6 video that Tucker Carlson has been given exclusive rights to see.  He claims his concerns are for national security but didn’t seem to care with Nancy Pelosi’s daughter filmed the Capitol on that day. 

Senator Chuck Schumer is scared about what will be uncovered in the video that was provided to Tucker Carlson’s team on Jan 6.  Many Americans know that the Jan 6 riots were a setup and are eager to see footage that has been withheld from the American public that shows this.  Enough video already supports this fact, but what must be in the thousands of hours of video that the Democrats would not share?

This was another major crime perpetrated against the American people.  We knew on that day that something was amiss.  We knew this because 1.1 million Americans participated in President Trump’s rallies leading up to the election without a single fight, broken glass or murder reported.

On Jan 6 there were four Trump supporters were killed.  No police were killed in the incident.  The Democrat’s and RINOs’ actions against the Americans who entered the Capitol, many invited in by police officers, have led to at least two more suicides.

But Schumer and the Democrats don’t care about Americans, they care about narratives and power.  This is why Chuck Schumer is calling the release of the video dangerous.

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Schumer is worried that Americans will find out how the Capitol is protected.

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