Absurdly claims he acted in self-defense.

Antifa Gunman Shot Dead by Cops Said His Killing of Trump Supporter Felt Like Start of “Civil War”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com

Michael Forest Reinoehl, the Antifa shooter who was killed by police last night after he pulled a weapon on officers, said in an interview before his death that his murder of a Trump supporter in Portland felt like the start of a “civil war.”

48-year-old Reinoehl was seen exiting an apartment and entering a vehicle in Olympia. As officers tried to arrest him, Reinoehl pulled a gun and was shot multiple times.

In an interview with VICE that was broadcast hours before his death, Reinoehl admitting to killing Patriot Prayer conservative and Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson, but ludicrously claimed he had acted in self-defense.

“I had no choice. I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn’t going to do that,” claimed Reinoehl, suggesting Danielson was about to stab his friend.

In reality, as footage from the murder shows, Reinoehl and another man who heard to proclaim that they had found a “Trumper” before shooting Danielson, whose friend confirmed the pair had been deliberately hunted down.

Elsewhere in the interview, Reinoehl suggests that he shot Danielson not in self-defense, but in an attempt to start a “civil war.”

“Honestly, I hate to say it, but I see a civil war right around the corner,” he said. “That that shot felt like the beginning of a war.”

Observers questioned why VICE was giving a platform to a murderer, comparing the situation to if Fox News had afforded Charlottesville killer James Field a sympathetic forum to defend himself.