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(Natural News) Last week, five members of an Antifa terror cell were arrested in Atlanta, where law enforcement reportedly found “bombs, flares, and gasoline,” reports the UK Daily Mail. The Antifa terror cell was reportedly throwing gas bombs at vehicles while also carrying out acts of arson and “attacks on locals and government officials.”

Over the weekend, this author received intel chatter — unconfirmed but worth paying attention — about radical left-wing terrorists planning on carrying out acts of sabotage during the Christmas week deep freeze that’s about to hit much of North America. Acts of sabotage against domestic power infrastructure are multiplied in their chaotic effects by sub-freezing weather which makes power loss extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons.

It also makes emergency responses and power infrastructure repair activities more risky and difficult to complete. Thus, left-wing terrorists taking out electrical substations during extreme cold weather events is a kind of asymmetrical warfare carried out by those who wish to achieve maximum carnage and loss of (civilian) life.

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