Source: Patty McMurray

Grand Rapids, MI – Tonight, in a decisive victory at the MI GOP state convention, Trump-endorsed Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno crossed the first hurdle major on his way to becoming Michigan’s next LAW-ABIDING Attorney General.

For almost four years, Michigan residents have suffered through the antics of an immature, mean-spirited, and radical leftist attorney general who uses her position as Michigan’s top law enforcement officer to punish and threaten her political opponents while looking the other way when Democrats break the law, Michigan GOP delegates overwhelmingly chose Matt DePerno to be the candidate they believe has the best chance of defeating what can only be described as an unjust and vindictive woman.

DePerno ran against the popular former Speaker of the House Tom Leonard and MI State Representative Ryan Berman. He came in just under the 50% threshold in the first vote and was forced into a runoff with Leonard, who Berman threw his support behind. Even with Berman’s delegates getting behind Leonard, he still lost to DePerno, who took 55% of the vote in the runoff election.

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DePerno made the following statement after winning the runoff vote: 

“Today marks the first step towards taking back our state and our country. I am eternally grateful to the freedom-loving patriots of the convention who put their trust in me to be their standard-bearer.

Together, we will create a red wave to wash over the Wolverine State this Fall!

My general election opponent, Dana Nessel, is a socialist Soros sycophant out of touch with Michigan voters. In November, she will be out of time as well.

I look forward to continuing to campaign across the state.”

Democrat AG Dana Nessel, who DePerno will now face in the general election, literally promoted her lack of a penis as a reason to vote for her in 2018. In October 2021, she became so intoxicated at the MSU-UM game that she had to be removed from the MSU stadium in a wheelchair.

The lawless MI attorney general attempted to get out ahead of the humiliating news about her immature behavior by making an “official statement” on her Facebook Page.

Nessel’s Facebook statement included a disgusting sexual reference:

I proceeded to go to the game (which I’m told Michigan definitely won!) and started to feel ill. I laid low for a while, but my friends recommended that I leave so as to prevent me from vomiting on any of my constituents (polling consistently shows “Roman showers” to be unpopular among most demographics).

I had a few folks help me up the stairs, and someone grabbed a wheelchair so as to prevent me from stumbling in the parking lot. Like all smart people attending festivities where drinking occurs, I had a designated driver. I went home, fell asleep on the couch, and my wife threw some blankets on me and provided me with some water and Tylenol for what she knew would be a skull-crushing hangover the next day. (Best wife ever!)

From now on, I pledge never to drink on an empty stomach, and definitely never to have another Bloody Mary. Cause it’s gonna take a while to get that taste out of my mouth.

Trump-endorsed Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno, who will face the lawless Attorney General in the November 2022 election, brilliantly trolled the blackout drunk attorney general with a hilarious video complete with Bloody Marys while holding a copy of the US Constitution to the tune of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”:

On December 13, 2021, Michigan’s radical Attorney General Dana Nessel appeared to be threatening Matt DePerno in a tweet that included a copy of the State Bar Rules of Michigan. The tweet started with Nessel’s special brand of sarcasm, “Fun fact: Lawyers who practice in Michigan are required to take an oath to support the MI and US Constitutions, not to file unjust and/or frivolous actions or mislead the court. The spate of Trump lawsuits in our state violates each of these tenets. It demeans our profession.”

In response to Nessel’s threatening tweet, DePerno told the Gateway Pundit that he’s curious about the timing of her tweet and wonders why Attorney General Nessel “is bringing the power of the state in to threaten attorneys?” He also told us that if Nessel is aware of misconduct by another attorney and isn’t reporting it, she is actually violating her oath by not reporting it,” adding that “Nessel’s only goal is to intimidate.”

For now, DePerno will have his hands full with a hostile Michigan media who immediately attacked him after winning the MI GOP nomination. Only moments after the results of the MI GOP state delegate races were published, the Detroit Free Press wrote a scathing article, ensuring its readers there was no voter fraud in Michigan while attempting to convince their readers that the Trump-endorsed “election lie” candidates like AG candidate Matt DePerno and SOS candidate Kristina Karamo (who overwhelmingly won the support of the GOP delegates at the state convention), shouldn’t be taken seriously.