Source: Patty McMurray

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) recently shared a memo that warned, “radical and insane policies” in the Build Back Better Act “will break our economy,” and will begin to implement the widely mocked “New Green Deal.”

Daily Caller – Banks distributed the memo, obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller, to the Republican Study Committee “to break down the so-called ‘green’ parts of this bill and analyze how they’ll impact working families,” he wrote. The social spending package, which has a top-line cost of $1.75 trillion, could add as much as $4.9 trillion to the national debt, according to an estimate from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Within the Build Back Better package, Banks claims that “half a trillion in funding and policies amount to ‘Phase One of the Green New Deal.’”

The memo cites recently-unearthed comments from the nominee for Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova as evidence for the Biden administration’s desire to eliminate fossil fuel energy sources.

“Democrats’ ‘green’ energy policies are designed to make working-class families’ lives uncomfortable,” Banks wrote. “That’s on purpose — Democrats have long advocated for energy taxes to encourage people to use less. They want to phase out the energy sources Americans depend on and replace them with more expensive and less reliable ‘green’ energy sources.”

Former bartender, AOC, turned so-called author of the laughable New Green Deal, which was even mocked by her fellow Democrats when it was first revealed, high-fived a small group of mostly kids (it’s hard to tell if they’re old enough to vote), as she thanked them for their “hunger strike.” The hunger strike, which most Americans never even heard about, somehow helped pass the Socialist “New Green Deal” bill in the House.