AOC Hypocrisy On 'Kids In Cages' Stunning As She's Silent On Biden Luring Central Americans Into Sex Trafficking For Cartels

Source: CD Media Staff

The United States was treated to highly-produced displays in the past of Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) crying to an empty parking lot in her quest to virtue signal about Trump’s alleged ‘kids in cages’ moment while the Trump administration wrestled with the Obama administration’s luring of Central American children to the souther border (Obama built the cages that Trump used).

Now that the same crisis (on steroids) is slamming border states as the Biden administration has thrown the border wide open, AOC has been silent for a month. She did put out several tweets in February on the subject, without the histrionics.

The reason for the difference in treatment of Trump and Biden is of course that Democrats want as many kids, as many illegal immigrants as possible, in order to change the demographics of the Untied States, and to attempt to ensure a voting block to stay in power forever.

It is no secret that most of these young children that are lured to the southern border with a promise of being admitted by Biden/Kamala/Obama, are forced into sex trafficking, as the video below describes. The hypocrisy from the party that declares it cares about ‘the children’ and ‘women’ belays their lack of concern at all about these vulnerable people.

Perhaps this is why Hispanics and Blacks in the U.S. are moving to the populist political view of the world, and why the cabal had to execute the coup, or be banished from leadership for generations.