Posted BY: Michael Widlanski

We, Destiny, and the Democrats have an appointment in Chicago for a presidential convention.

Writer John O’Hara recalled a preordained encounter with the Angel of Death in Appointment in Samarra, but this is different.  The Democrats see impending doom but have chosen to embrace it, not to escape it.

Many polls show most U.S. voters — even most Democrats — do not want Joe Biden to lead the United States.  Democrat Party leaders do not seem to care.

Picking America’s crime capital as their venue and reconfirming a corrupt, senile idiot as their leader, the Democrats may next change their name to the Donkey Party or the Jackass Party.

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Why the hell not? Joe Biden and Chicago: what could be more appropriate? 

For over 30 years, Joseph R. Biden Jr. was the dumbest and most unoriginal man in the U.S. Senate, focused on what was on his head — transplanted hair — rather than what was not in his head — knowledge or wisdom.

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