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Democratic Virginia political candidate Susanna Gibson found herself at the center of controversy after The Washington Post exposed her for engaging in online sex acts for cash. However, it has come to light that Gibson was tipped off by the Associated Press (AP) a week before the Post’s story broke. This advance notice allowed her to delete videos of her explicit activities.

Gibson, a 40-year-old nurse practitioner and mother of two, had streamed various sexual acts on the platform ‘Chaturbate,’ with more than a dozen videos featuring her and her husband archived on a publicly accessible site called Recurbate. The most recent videos were archived on September 30, 2022, although the exact timing of the live streams is unclear.

Legal experts suggest that Gibson’s online activities could have exposed her to prostitution charges under Virginia law, as she received money for performing sexual acts. Additionally, she could potentially face charges for intentionally causing hotel workers to witness her explicit acts, violating statutes related to indecent exposure.

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Despite the controversy, Gibson has not dropped out of the Senate race. Some Democrats, including Virginia Senate leader L. Louis Lucas, have used the situation to solicit financial support for her campaign while baselessly implicating Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Susanna Gibson, a Democratic candidate in Virginia, was tipped off by the Associated Press about an impending Washington Post story exposing her involvement in online sex acts for money. This warning allowed her to delete incriminating videos. Legal experts suggest her actions could lead to prostitution and indecent exposure charges. Despite the scandal, Gibson remains in the race for the Senate, with some Democrats rallying behind her. The situation has also led to baseless accusations against Governor Glenn Youngkin. Gibson’s case serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of personal actions in the era of digital exposure, especially for those seeking public office.