Ireland is struggling with a very tough quarantine which even rivals the toughest competitor in the world. Along with Canada, Australia, France, and elsewhere, Ireland has separated its population into groups of “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” and thus prevents those without immunization from entering several social activities.

Ciummei appeared on one of Ireland’s independent political programs titled Iconoclast One to One (watch below) and had a startling story about the purpose and true motives behind the growing stubbornness on Vaccine Passports.

First, she made it clear that she did not believe that these were “vaccine passports.” “They’re not vaccine passports. They are data passports. They are participation passports,” she said. She noted that there was no medical reason that justified the implementation of the certificates.

It’s clear that vaccines won’t stop the transmission of infections or serious illnesses related to COVID – at least as much as it was claimed to be a few months ago. Every day new stories of “breakthrough” cases are identified as COVID, and some countries have even higher vaccination rates than unvaccinated cases.

Many have voiced their views on what they think is the meaning of the COVID story. This is for a Great Reset. This is for the New World Order. It is about the new Communist globalist power. etc.

You have probably heard of the “social credit system”. If you have not, the idea driving it is that your economic interests are correlated to your personal beliefs and habits.

Do you have unacceptable political views on social media? You can’t avail a loan, Do you consume a lot of carbon? Your utilities are going to be cut off.

Granted, the way some commentators present this idea is bit “pie in the sky.” It is one thing to say that the forces should control all aspects of your life. Questioning the right motivation is another matter, and determining the right mechanism is as or more difficult.

She believes passports are for some sort of social credit system, and her background in finance gives a unique perspective into the impetus.

In this interview, she pointed out that our civilization has been using the “fiat” currency system for what amounts to around 50 years. First off, fiat currency is essentially a currency that does not rely on any hard or physical source like gold but is “backed by nothing, it’s a currency because the government says it is,” according to Ciummei.

Historic fiat currencies last for only decades, sometimes even less. It has been tried many times around the world and at different times and does not seem to last long term. Governments are often drawn to the money supply as they seek more control over it, which gives them the power to manipulate purchasing power and cause various forms of inflation or hyperinflation.

While there are many reasons everyone would want to do this, it is in the best interests of the elites who control the money supply. In a time of rapid hyperinflation – which we could soon face – mega billionaires can consolidate their wealth by buying assets that can survive a financial collapse, such as the production of essential goods and agricultural land.

When the fiat currency inevitably loses its real purchasing power, public confidence is irreparably damaged and some kind of transformation or revolution usually takes place.

Ciummei believes globalist elites anticipate a possible collapse and are using the virus as an excuse to force the masses into a passport system that prepares them to adhere to future social credit systems.

She regards this time as a training phase to further destroy privacy and personal independence. “Everybody without exception has to buy into this. This is a new financial system,” she said.

This is because that the new financial system is capable of working alongside, according to Ciummei, “data as the new gold, energy as the new currency.”

This is the reason that she is of the belief that they are trying to come after the children with the experimental jabs, despite there not being a single shred of evidence to suggest that children were under risk of contracting COVID, especially not the extent that could possibly warrant the use of a new drug that contain major risks.

Aside from realistic considerations and predictions of what could happen, the Irish investor hopes the situation does not get worse.

“When freedoms are reduced, eroded away, empires tend to collapse,” she opined. “What they [elites] don’t seem to budget in is the human spirit, intuition, and spirituality, and that’s what we need to use. We need to look at our children and think my job is to protect them. This is the world that we want to build for our children. Build that world. Don’t wait for somebody else to build it.”

Meanwhile, the most powerful private financial interests in the world, under the cover of COP26, have developed a plan to transform the global financial system by fusing with institutions like the World Bank and using them to further erode national sovereignty in the developing world.

The UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is also making efforts to develop a global identity system and working with the United Nations and the World Bank to achieve it.