Posted BY: Noel S. Williams

WalletHub’s recently released rankings of the happiest cities seem to defy reality.  Then again, the psychologists who concocted the rankings seem to defy common sense.

The list was conjured by a bunch of homogeneous professors — by one measure, liberal professors outnumber conservatives by 12 to 1.  What’s more, the professors behind this “happiest cities” ranking are all psychologists, in one form or another. Perhaps one of the professions most dominated by liberal social activists, studies indicate that the ratio of liberals to conservatives in the field of psychology is 14 to 1.  That’s not very diverse.

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Not to unnecessarily cast aspersions, but given these forbidding ratios, it’s still legitimate to question the motives of such an apparently intellectually incestuous group of psychologists — without one White male, in their unhappy, un-DEI group (See “Ask the Experts” section).

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