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As listeners to my London Calling podcast will know, I’m deeply skeptical about conspiracy theories. Whether it’s the Great Reset or the Plandemic, I’m usually pretty dismissive when my co-host James Delingpole brings them up. Having seen close how the political sausage is made, I think the idea that politicians are controlled by dark forces or sinister cabals is for the birds. Most of the time, it’s just a group of hapless chancers desperately trying to hold on to their careers as they’re buffeted from pillar to post by a series of unpredictable events. I’m a believer in Hanlon’s Razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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But my skepticism has been sorely tested by the events of the last few days. The reaction of the bond markets and the currency markets to the mini-budget, the U-turn over cutting the top rate of tax, Kwasi Kwarteng’s defenestration, his replacement by arch-Remainer and Zero Covid zealot Jeremy Hunt and now the sudden departure of sound-as-a-pound Suella Braverman and the elevation of Grant Shapps… it all seems like a globalist coup. Indeed, Suella used the word ’coup’ to describe the attempts to discredit the mini-budget at the Conservative Party Conference.

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