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Several years ago, the pastor of a small church I attended related to the congregation an account of the supernatural healing of a young boy in the town who did not even attend our church. In the weeks afterward, no one else ever mentioned it, even at the church.

One day several months later, I related the account to a man who was in our business. He was a big, biker guy who loved riding motorcycles and telling other bikers about Jesus. Near the end of the account, I noticed tears running down his face. I noted the tears. He responded, “That was my grandson who was healed. You don’t even know the full story.”

I allowed that I didn’t know. My only source of knowledge was our pastor, who was at the hospital with the boy who had been badly injured in a four-wheeler accident, his parents, and the doctor from a local hospital. He had been thrown from the vehicle and hit his head on a rock in the field.

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The boy was airlifted from our small, local hospital to a specialist children’s hospital for a traumatic brain injury. The doctor had told the pastor, “He’s not going to make it.”

It was late in the evening when the helicopter landed atop the specialist hospital. There was a surgical team waiting. They took the boy into the operating room, and soon thereafter a doctor emerged and told the family, “This must be the wrong child. There’s nothing wrong with him.”

That part had been related to our church by the pastor. The grandfather looked at me where we stood together in our business. “You don’t know the full story,” he said. “There were three other children in the specialist hospital with similar injuries. They were all healed that evening when my grandson arrived.”

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