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Whatever era the election of Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs in Arizona was supposed to usher in, it certainly wasn’t “unity.”

Since taking over from GOP Gov. Doug Ducey following a controversial 2022 election, Hobbs has been butting heads with the state’s Republican legislature, rejecting more bills than any Copper State governor who came before her. And in a record amount of time.

And on Friday, she vetoed several more pieces of legislation the GOP legislature sent her, including four measures Republicans said were aimed at providing more election “transparency,” bringing the total of vetoed bills to 99, according to The Epoch Times.

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One measure known as Senate Bill 1135 aimed to remove Arizona from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and transfer voter registration to a “contracted third party.” Additionally, the bill mandated the use of blue or black pens for filling out ballots.

Hobbs claimed that ERIC improves transparency.

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