Posted BY: Ron Wright

While political polling is an art, statistically rigorous polls are generally within the ballpark—yet Arizona 2022 election results don’t make sense (See here, here, and here). For those seeking integrity in elections, the Arizona midterm election is a hill worth dying on.

Maricopa County, Arizona, was problematic in the 2020 election. Maricopa County officials stymied legislative and court oversight. The Board of Supervisors and others allegedly obstructed Arizona’s Senate 2020 election audit: “In every way imaginable, the county refused to cooperate with the Senate’s designated auditors, the Cyber Ninjas.”

A lawsuit prevented the Cyber Ninjas from directly reviewing any signatures. However, months later, the Senate retained Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai to test a scientifically selected sample of 499 signatures from Maricopa County. A panel of six individuals (including three forensic document examiners) examined the signatures and unanimously found a 12 percent error rate. When that rate is applied to all mail-in ballots in the county, it suggests that there may have been over 200,000 highly questionable (or phony) signatures in the election—not 587.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Maricopa County had another problem in 2020: It lacked proof of chain of custody for at least 740,000 ballots.

Why? What is Maricopa County hiding?

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