Source: Jordan Conradson

The Arizona audit report is currently under completion but recent COVID-19 complications have caused a delay.

As The Gateway Pundit reported last Monday, a portion of the audit draft report was delivered to the Arizona Senate, but members of the audit team have been infected with COVID. We have now been told that one was even hospitalized!

Once everybody has fully recovered, they will thoroughly review the report for accuracy, proof of documentation, and clarity, before releasing it to the public.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann told The Gateway Pundit that one member of the team was just released from the hospital on Friday but they are still quite sick. Doug Logan is starting to feel better but this weekend he had a temperature of 103° and he will remain isolated until he is no longer contagious.

The virus has caused a delay but President Fann said, “The important thing is, we want to make sure this report is complete, accurate, and everybody is using all of their brain cells while they’re trying to finish it up.”

The team is doing the best they can, despite the setback.

Last Monday, President Fann released a statement saying that Maricopa County finally delivered images of mail-in envelopes and their signatures to the Senate. The auditors are now verifying the envelope signatures after receiving affidavits that said Maricopa County diminished, then eventually removed signature verification on election day.

Auditors are analyzing the ballot envelopes for accurate signatures, and they hope to have that phase completed and ready for release with the rest of the report. 

Fake news Brahm Resnik, an election thief sympathizer, reported disinformation about this on Twitter.

Brahm and Maricopa County continue to claim that the ballot images were provided in April. The County says that it was in a file when they handed over the ballots and machines.

Three different audit experts searched for it, but it was not there.

In the July 15 audit hearing, Doug Logan was asked about the images of these mail-in ballot signatures.

Logan: We do not have those images. Maricopa County has stated that they provided us with images of the envelopes, but specifically the folder they pull it into in a specific drive has to do with voter registration details. It does not appear to have anything to do with the receiving of ballots. And I believe that, Bennett can tell you more about his interchanges with them, but specifically we asked them, “So are you saying that in that folder, we should have the envelopes that were utilized for ballots to be delivered in this past election?” And the answer was basically, if there’s envelopes in that folder, and it did not clearly answer our question.

Ken Bennett suggested that the envelopes be subpoenaed again.

The envelope images were subpoenaed and FOIA requested by President Fann, then delivered on a hardware drive to the Senate, earlier this month.

Now, they may work on completing this phase of the audit.

While we await the report, we also await County Compliance with legislative subpoenas and an order by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to follow the rule of law.

If the County fails to resolve this violation of legal and enforceable Senate subpoenas, it will lose up to $70 million in state shared funds.

The Arizona Senate is finishing what has been started.