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Arizona election expert Gina Swoboda announced on The Charlie Kirk Show on Friday that there are significantly more votes to be counted in Arizona than was reported.

Swoboda told Charlie Kirk Show that 351,000 GOP voters have not even had their vote tabulated yet.

If true, this is huge.

We are investigating the reports and will confirm when we have more information.

Charlie Kirk: What you’re telling me is that 351,000 people – that include voting in the primary in August, which means they are very high propensity Republicans, have not even had their vote tabulated yet? How did you find that number?
Gina Swoboda: Yes. So Maricopa County gave us a readout this morning via our legal observers that the 292,000 election day dropoffs have completed signature verification but have not yet begun to go to adjudication. So that’s group one. Then you have the 12,000 of the 17,000 that are in Door 3 that have started to be tabulated today. So that gets you to 300,000. So the next group of ballots we have that there’s a discrepancy if they’ve been tabulated is the 30,000 or 40,000 cast under the emergency provision, those – people voted on Saturday or Monday,.. Maricopa County is not communicating clearly about where these ballots are in these buckets in the process. So we have two observers in there that are lawyers in the one part of the facility and they’re getting different answers when they’re asking… It’s possible this whole 50,000 batch hasn’t begun and that’s going to take us up to 345-350K.
According to the Kari Lake War Room Twitter account, “These are reliable in red votes. Our confidence level has only risen.”
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What is going on in Arizona?

Kari lake also responded in an interview on One America News Network earlier today.

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