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The Trump legal team held their second election integrity hearing with a state legislature on Monday in Arizona, where they heard from about a dozen witnesses on alleged anomalies, irregularities, and intimidation as they tried to perform their duties as volunteer election observers before and on Election Day.

The hearing took place at a Hyatt Regency hotel ballroom in downtown Phoenix with a group of Republican state lawmakers. It was not an official legislative event but an unofficial opportunity for the Trump legal team to present their case. Some outlets aired the nearly 10-hour hearing live.

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“It’s been difficult getting an opportunity to be heard; it shouldn’t be. It’s America after all, and our side of the story is legitimate,” Trump lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said at the beginning of the hearing. He added:

Our side of the story needs to be heard, and it’s been uniformly censored by Big Tech, Big Media, the crooked Democrats, and basically people who are saying, ‘Don’t show us the facts. We’ve decided already that this is a free and fair election, it was done perfectly, please don’t interrupt that narrative with the truth.’ But we are going to interrupt that narrative this morning with the truth.

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