Posted BY: Dan Lyman

Two suspects were shot dead and two more arrested during a botched home invasion in Indiana this week, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded before sunrise on Sunday in Auburn, a small city in DeKalb County.

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A male homeowner was awoken by his barking dog to find three burglars stealing items from his house, according to WPTA.

The suspects reportedly held a gun to the man’s head and demanded he give them money.

However, members of the group apparently were at the man’s home the previous day and had already taken all of his cash.

The victim managed to procure a shotgun and fired at two of his assailants who were later identified as Dylan Scott Morefield, 22, and Rameica Lasharon Moore, 36, police say.

He then marched the third suspect, 42-year-old Tabitha L. Johnson, outside where they encountered a fourth suspect, Shaun T. Kruse, 42, who had been acting as a lookout.

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