(Natural News) You have probably heard of the arms race, but have you heard of the “vaccines” race? There is one taking place right this moment, and the United States is desperately trying to win.

The goal is to inject as many people, including young children, as possible for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) as quickly as possible – science be damned. Meanwhile, other countries are taking a more precautionary approach.

In Mexico, for instance, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he will not be held hostage by vaccine corporations. He added that his country has no plans to inject anyone under the age of 18, except for those considered to be at “risk.”

Many African countries are following suit by moving as slowly as possible, waiting for America’s outcome to become apparent before moving any further – almost as if they know something is not quite right with all of this.

Conversely, Colombia, Argentina and China appear to be competing with the U.S. to see which country can vaccinate the most children as quickly as possible. These three countries are said to be jabbing children as young as three years old for Chinese Germs.

Fox News shills for Fauci and the vaccine industry, pushing unproven jabs on children

Fox News, a known propaganda outlet that routinely shills for the pharmaceutical industry, is of course siding with Fauci.

The fake news outlet claims that trials and “real-life experience” show that Fauci Flu shots provide “significant protection” against the Wuhan Flu. There is zero science to back this, though.

Fox also says that children should get injected for Chinese Germs not to protect themselves but to protect “older people with whom they come into contact while infected and the broader population.”

Fox further alleges that getting children jabbed at warp speed will “help restore some normalcy to schools and reduce quarantines.”

“Many governments have now decided that the upside – further reducing the minor risk of so-called long Covid and other consequences of the disease in children, and curbing the spread of the virus in the population – outweighs the risks of rare side effects,” the fake news giant further says.

Reading all this is like reading CNN, which just goes to show that Fox is no different than any other mainstream media network when it comes to pushing Big Pharma lies on the masses.

Children have an almost zero risk of getting sick and dying from a “positive” test result, and yet Fox goes on in its shill piece to try to scare parents into believing that they should be scared about their children catching the alleged “virus.”

Since many European countries have halted their covid jab programs, Fox describes them as falling behind while the U.S. “moves ahead,” again using arms race-type language to describe all of this like some kind of competition.

“It’s way past time for mask mandates and vaccine mandates to be over,” wrote one Fox commenter in apparent disagreement with the article’s claims. “Everyone who wanted a shot got one – and is protected from the virus. Those that didn’t get a shot but had the virus are naturally protected.”

“Those that didn’t get the shot and didn’t have the virus have made their decision,” this same commenter added. “There is no logical reason why those that have been vaccinated still need to be protected by mandates that force those who do not want or need the vaccine to take the jab.”

Another wrote that it is high time for all the pro-mask and pro-jab mayors and governors to be fully investigated to see “what kind of financial ties they have with these vaccines.”

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