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(Natural News) Nationally, the Democratic Party pinned its political hopes to salvage the midterm elections on two things: Maintaining abortion ‘rights,’ and painting all Republicans as ‘too dangerous to be in charge — both of which are “threats to democracy.”

But at the same time, the party’s real standard-bearer, Barack Obama, the man behind Joe Biden’s White House, is trying to paint Democrats as being “more reasonable” in a perfect hypocritical double standard.

“One thing is clear, and that is this increasing habit of demonizing political opponents, of just yelling and thinking not just that I disagree with someone, but that they’re evil and wrong,” Obama told a campaign rally in Arizona late last week. “That creates a dangerous climate. And when we have politicians and elected officials in leadership positions who continue to promote over-the-top rhetoric or make light of it … more people are going to get hurt.”

Not long after, Biden reprised an earlier ‘MAGA Republicans are evil’ speech at Union Station that he gave in Philadelphia in September.

“Just a few days ago, a little before 2:30 a.m. in the morning, a man smashed the back windows and broke into the home of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the third-highest ranking official in America,” he said at one point. “The assailant tried to take Paul, hostage. He woke him up, and he wanted to tie him up. The assailant ended up using a hammer to smash Paul’s skull. All of this happened after the assault, and it just — it’s hard to even say; it’s hard to even say — after the assailant entered the home asking, ‘Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?’”

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