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Target is suffering a customer backlash over their transgender-inspired fashion for children, which includes tuck-friendly swimwear. Close to $10 billion has been lost in a week since the unveiling, prompting an emergency meeting with the company’s brass, which stood by their decision to wheel out these designs, though some locations have removed them from the shelves or pushed them to the back of the store. These items were also designed reportedly by a Satanist. It’s a mess that everyone could see coming based on a similar reaction to Bud Light’s marketing partnership with a biological male who pretends to be a woman. Bud Light was the most popular beer in America, and it’s now bleeding sales.

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Then, The Associated Press opted to publish what appears to be fake news about violent protests erupting at some Target locations and stealth-edited the piece when the information turned out to be inaccurate (via Breitbart

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