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January 6 Defense Attorney Marina Medvin joined The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft to discuss her work with the January 6 defendants.

This was an amazing interview. Gateway Pundit readers know how much we support and report on the plight of the January 6 defendants and political prisoners. But Marina Medvin had so much to say about the J6 prisoners and DC courts that were completely new to us.

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Marina accused the government of selective prosecution in January 6 cases. The government is charging individuals who attended the January 6 protests with a broad array of charges that they have ignored at previous protests in the nation’s capital.

** Maria recommended donations to to help the J6 defendants. The donations from the organization go directly to cover the legal bill of the J6 defendants. The organization is linked to the Coolidge-Reagan Foundation.

Transcript clips of our discussion are posted below.

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