Dr. David Nixon noted that the ‘chips,’ which seem to gather around ‘wire’ structures, appear to be the product of ‘intelligent design.’

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

(LifeSiteNews) — An Australian doctor has gone public with microscopic images of unidentified objects that appear to be “self-assembling” from the contents of Pfizer’s COVID injection.

Family physician Dr. David Nixon recently shared dark field microscopy photos of “concerning” structures that appeared in Pfizer jab fluid over time and that seem to be the product of “intelligent design” in a Sunday episode of the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC) co-hosted by the group’s founder, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and ex-Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon.

Nixon showed how boxy, dark structures, similar in shape to crystals but with “internal structures that appear to be different from … a naturally occurring crystal,” appeared on the periphery of the slide’s jab contents after he left it out overnight.

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