(Natural News) Just in time for Christmas, the Austrian government surprised its citizens with an extended lockdown for the unvaccinated.

For another 10 days, Austrians who have not gotten injected with an Operation Warp Speed needle will be required to stay at home, or else. The news came just days before the country’s new jab requirements come into effect in 2022.

Up until New Year’s Eve, unvaccinated Austrians will be limited from shopping and forced to stay home from work without a “negative” Fauci Flu test result. The unvaccinated in Austria are also being restricted from attending certain indoor events as additional punishment for refusing to get injected.

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Previously, the entire country of Austria was punished by Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, the “fully vaccinated” included, with a nationwide lockdown.

Now, as we near the new year, Schallenberg is tightening the noose once again, this time specifically against the unvaccinated.