Source: Dave Matthews

It’s ‘go time’ once again in America – time for the unvaccinated to roll up their sleeves…not to get an injection, but to fight against a new ‘variant’ of political and medical hysteria.  Unlike the COVID variants, which have symptoms that grow progressively milder with each wave, the authoritarian variants tend to grow harsher with each progressive mutation.

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Indeed, the battle over vaccines has been waged through successively more draconian waves of pressure to see the whole world come to the saving knowledge of the grace of vaccines.  Those who have thus far stood firm in their resolve to retain their bodily autonomy may be feeling weary from the fight, but they must continue to fight.   

To be sure, the resolve and grit of those who are unvaccinated will most likely continue to grow stronger as more information comes out concerning the effectiveness of vaccines versus natural immunity, the incidence and severity of adverse reactions to the vaccines, and the virality of the lies told by the media and our politicians to obtain compliance and amass their power.

The first of the vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech) was granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on Dec. 11, 2020, which was, interestingly, a little over a month after the 2020 presidential election.  Prior to the election and the vaccine announcement, Kamala Harris declared that “[…] if Donald Trump tells us that we should take [a vaccine]. I’m not taking it.”  Likewise, Brandon expressed his sincere distrust for anything created on Trump’s watch.

The Moderna vaccine arrived shortly thereafter, receiving EUA on Dec. 18, 2020, followed by Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) on Feb. 27, 2021.

During the first few months of 2021, as vaccine tyranny was in its infancy, efforts to vaccinate the public included gimmicks ranging from free doughnuts to Mayor Bill De Blasio grotesquely stuffing a burger and fries into his face (note: obesity increases susceptibility to COVID), to vaccine lotteries…‘may the odds be ever in your favor.’

Somehow, though, the sight of a greasy-faced De Blasio disgustingly talking with his mouth full of food on national TV was not enough to convince many to abandon their reluctance to get one of the wonder vaccines, and neither was the prospect of winning a lottery.

At the same time that businesses and local politicians were doing the free food schtick, Brandon and his media cheerleaders were playing the patriotism and selflessness angles.  Brandon, who initially distrusted the vaccines when he thought that they might help Trump’s reelection chances, now called them “the most patriotic thing [Americans] can do”.  Myriad articles encouraged (and still do) their readers that the vaccines were really about protecting one’s fellow man. 

The message was clear that only the most heartless and unpatriotic would decline to allow themselves to be injected with one of the EUA vaccines.  Big media, working off of government talking points and in an attempt to close off all other doors, went a bit further and banned the mention of natural immunity and therapeutics such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. 

The calls to patriotic duty, however, rang hollow, coming from those who, just a few short months earlier, had championed the burning and looting of an America that they deemed irredeemable and founded on a plethora of ‘isms’, including racism and sexism.  The censoring of any discussion of natural immunity, which many of the unvaccinated possessed, along with bans on even the mention of alternative treatments served only to further their determination to avoid the jab.

Delta eventually made its way to America with great fanfare from the media and Washington.  The most notable aspect of the new variant was that of transforming the gimmicks and pleas of governors, mayors, and the Resident into mandates.  FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, to be marketed as Comirnaty, also helped kick the mandates into high gear (this, despite the fact that Comirnaty doesn’t actually appear to be available and does not seem to be discussed in any definitions of ‘fully vaccinated’).  

Democrats, trying to cover for their own failed policies and actions, began mandating vaccinations, first locally and then for federal employees, military personnel, health care workers, and employees of certain-sized companies.

Despite the mandates and despite illegal firings and dismissals, many continued to hold out.

When the courts began issuing injunctions against the mandates, the Brandon administration began asking companies to ignore the courts and force their employees to vaccinate.  The administration also began doubling down on its talking point that America was in the midst of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” despite the vaccinated also transmitting COVID.

In spite of the shaming and increased pressure upon workers, many Americans would still not comply.

Now, America is entering the third major wave of COVID as the omicron variant begins its ascent.  Public officials are giddy with excitement as they talk of increased testing, renewed mandates, and lockdowns, as well as passports.  What they omit in their fervor is that while it is more transmissible, omicron is much less deadly…but that logic doesn’t appear to be a factor in taming their zeal.

It is also true that as America and the world enter the third major wave, the vaccines are beginning to fail.  Johnson & Johnson has fallen out of favor as blood clotting issues are being discovered, the CDC is beginning to admit that vaccines can cause heart issues in younger Americans, the omicron variant appears to be immune to the vaccines, and the CDC is indicating that it will take 75 years to release its data on the Pfizer vaccine. 

Despite these effects, it’s still full speed ahead: The CDC merely recommends that people take the mRNA vaccines over Johnson & Johnson, that younger Americans continue to take the shots despite the risks, and that all Americans continue to place unmerited trust in “the science.”

Those that have held out thus far are beginning to see the return on their investment.  These individuals resisted the gimmicks, the name-calling, the shaming, the threats, the emotional and national blackmail, and now they are hardened and battle-tested for the fight ahead.  As this next ‘variant’ of political and medical hysteria begins to wash across the land, these unvaccinated individuals should continue to hold the line and do what is best for their bodies and for their families, come what may.

While Brandon and the media would have America believe that the unvaccinated are facing “a winter of severe illness and death”, the truth appears more likely that the unvaccinated will be fine, just as they have been through each wave of pressure and tyranny over the last two years. 

What is more likely the case is that, as the resistance grows and the vaccines continue to fail, it is the tyrannical machinations, narratives, and fear porn of Brandon, governor tyrants, and the media that now face a “winter of severe illness and death.”