Source: Jordan Conradson

The Arizona audit is performing its final phase of a 3rd recount to recheck the accuracy of ballot totals, AGAIN.

This process does not tabulate votes. It only counts the total number of ballots.

They are auditing their own numbers now in preparation for a historic legal battle.

The Gateway Pundit reported that stacks of ballots are aligned in the paper jogger then counted twice with the paper counting machine.

Randy Pullen told TGP that a batch of ballots is counted then compared to the hand-count sheet for that batch. If the numbers agree, then it is accurate.

If the machine gives a different number, the batch is rotated so that another corner may be counted to ensure an accurate total is produced.

They are counting each batch of roughly 200 ballots at a time. A batch takes less than a minute to analyze. A box of about seven batches takes less than five minutes to count. There are over 30 boxes on each pallet.

17 pallets have been completely recounted and volunteers started two more during the night shift which ends at 12 AM.

Audit officials spent days calibrating the machines and conducting test counts before using them. These machines have been certified to be accurate.

The Gateway Pundit reported that, according to Steve Bannon, former Chief Strategist for President Trump, the Arizona audit numbers are holding up in this final hand recount taking place this week at the counting center.

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