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(Natural News) Since day one of the “pandemic,” Twitter’s new CEO, former NBCUniversal marketing director Linda Yaccarino, was pushing lockdowns, and later the “vaccines,” in full support of medical fascism.

Yaccarino, who was just hired to the top position at Twitter by electric vehicle (EV) icon Elon Musk, served as a chairwoman at the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Taskforce on Future of Work as well. She has long been a Big Pharma enthusiast who quite clearly hates freedom, whether it be medical or speech-related.

“We are here to talk about masking up or packing up,” Yaccarino said in a promotional video to her followers in which she pushed Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) face masks and other tyranny on students at Penn State.

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“We’re doing good so far – just keep your distance, get your hands washed often, get tested often, and wear your mask. That will get us closer and closer to normal days. We are resilient. We are tough. Keep doing it, and we’ll be back at Beaver Stadium before you know it.”

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