Posted BY: Adam Wilson

The Unselect January 6th Committee has attempted to bully Republicans in to compliance using authoritarian tactics.  They would like to see Trump advisor Steve Bannon and Pete Navarro thrown behind bars, which is why they are bringing criminal trials against them for contempt of Congress.

Steve Bannon is choosing to fight back against the committee.  Bannon is going to use his contempt trial to expose the corrupt January 6th committee.  His legal team is subpoenaing them for all kinds of different records.

The Epoch Times Reports

“Steve Bannon’s legal team has issued subpoenas to top Democrats and members of the controversial Jan. 6 House of Representatives panel in a development in Bannon’s ongoing contempt of Congress case.

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In October, the Democrat-led House voted to certify a contempt of Congress charge against Bannon, who had refused a subpoena from the Jan. 6 panel, asserting a right to executive privilege as a former White House staff member.

Despite legal questions over the validity of the panel’s subpoenas, the Department of Justice decided to pursue a criminal case against Bannon.

Now, Bannon’s lawyers have issued 16 subpoenas to top members of the committee, as well as other Democrats.”

One section of the subpoena demands information about the establishment of the committee, including its membership, staffing, budget, authority and functioning, and their authority to issue subpoenas, which they’ve undoubtedly overstepped.

Pelosi did not want the committee to have a bipartisan makeup, rejecting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Ca.) picks and instead choosing RINO’s Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

What will we find out when the information about the January 6th Committee becomes public?