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What I am about to share should be essential reading for all parents and policymakers. I’ll only share a bit because I want you to read the source material. But I think you’re going to want to do that.

And not just because the author deserves the credit or the traffic. What he is saying made perfect sense to everyone at the CDC and the FDA before COVID19.

Let’s examine Pfizer’s EUA application and the FDA’s risk-benefit analysis. By Pfizer’s own admission, there were zero hospitalization, ICU admissions, or deaths, in the treatment or control group in their study of 2,300 children ages 5 to 11.

So the Number Needed to Vaccinate in order to prevent a single hospitalization, ICU admission, or death, according to Pfizer’s own data, is infinity. ∞. Not the good kind of infinity as in God or love or time or the universe. This is the bad kind of infinity as in you could vaccinate every child age 5 to 11 in the U.S. and not prevent a single hospitalization, ICU admission, or death from coronavirus according to Pfizer’s own clinical trial data as submitted to the FDA.

Let’s compare this to the most recent NH state Data on COVID and Kids. We’ve been covering it for a very long time, and after 19 months, the Rabid-Rampaging Rona has yet to kill anyone in the GraniteState under the age of 20. Zero.

From early March 2020  to Oct 28 2021 and not one child has died. Only 34 “kids” tested positive in a hospital in the same period, which means exactly what I said. This data does not mean that the person was hospitalized for COVID but that they were in the hospital and tested positive. The hospital could be why they got it or, as likely as not, it was a false positive.

But let’s assume they were all actual positive cases. These numbers still reinforce what Toby Rogers and Pfizer are reporting. If we jab kids under 20, we are adding unnecessary risk. This vaccine is not without risk. It has side effects, many known and more than a few unknown because these are human trials. And so far is that no one wants to admit there are risks, or they downplay them.

But they do want to stick kids with this stuff, so Toby Rogers has attempted to use what we know to answer a question that used to define whether you could approve a drug for anyone, not just kids.

You can read into the details here, but the number needed to vaccinate, “[T]he NNTV to prevent a single fatality in this age group is 630,775 (28,384,878 / 45). But it’s a two-dose regimen so if one wants to calculate the NNTV per injection the number doubles to 1,261,550. It’s literally the worst NNTV in the history of vaccination.”

Which if you follow a bit further, leads to this“to put it simply, the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus.”

The ‘experts’ have tossed every measure of safety or medical convention in history out the window for this in exchange for laundering tens of billions through pharmaceutical companies that don’t want any safety measures slowing down their profit model.

That should scare you more than a virus that has almost no chance of killing you. If that’s not enough, remember when the Left opposed the right to try legislation? Now they oppose the right not to try.

If you’re not suspicious, you should be.

Article by Steve MacDonald. Originally posted at Granite Grok.

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