Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A video clip shows BBC political editor Nicholas Watt being chased down and confronted by anti-lockdown protesters outside Downing Street.

Protests are once again growing after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yet another delay to the lifting of the UK’s lockdown restrictions.

As we highlighted yesterday, the public was already being prepared for an extension to the extension before the first extension was even announced.

Demonstrators are once again gathering around Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament in London to express their fury.

BBC Newsnight editor Nicholas Watt was caught in the crossfire of their ire as he desperately attempted to escape the crowd.

“Traitor! Traitor! once man screams in Watt’s face as he desperately tries to find an exit strategy.

“Scum!” another man aggressively shouts in Watt’s face as he tries to head towards police for protection.

“Traitor, you bastard!” the crowd shouts as Watt finally is able to duck into a side gate that leads to 10 Downing Street.

“Shame on you!” chants the exuberant crowd before booing him further.

As we previously highlighted, given that government advisers are pushing for lockdown restrictions to remain in place “forever,” such anger and potential mass civil disobedience is only going to become more likely as summer progresses.