Posted BY: Margaret Flavin

Over two thousand people gathered and marched in Jesus March Revival 2023 in Santa Monica, California on Saturday.

The Jesus March, organized by United Revival,  is a celebration and an opportunity for Christians to come together to publicly express their faith, something that is especially needed in these challenging times.  Christian rock band “United Revival” performed for the crowd and shared testimonies of how their faith has impacted and transformed their lives.

The Gateway Pundit reported on other powerful, public faith gatherings in recent weeks including a chapel service that began on February 8 at Asbury University in Kentucky and is still ongoing.

The Patch reports:

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Waving flags that said “Jesus is King,” 650 Christians marched up the beach bike path to the pier Saturday in an event that was meant to spark revival.

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“This is not a protest,” said Vadim Semenchuk, a coordinator with United Revival of Sacramento which staged the event. “We’re here to proclaim the name of Jesus.”

Drawing smiles, smirks and wondering stares on a walk more famous for fun and flashing flesh, the gathering first worshipped, prayed and preached on the grass next to the beach at Barnard Way, before walking up to the pier shouting Jesus chants.

United Revival started doing outdoor revival events and marches during Covid when riots convulsed America over racial police brutality.

“When the world was protesting and riots were happening, we were like, why doesn’t the church go out and march and proclaim the goodness of Christ,” said co-founder Ivan Katrenyak. “The whole goal is to rally the church. As Joshua took cities (in the Old Testament), we’re here doing that today and exalting the name of Jesus.”

Coming Jesus marches this year will be held in Phoenix, Dallas, Tampa, Seattle, Portland, Denver, San Francisco and Sacramento, where United Revival is based and is raising up a local church in the North Islands neighborhood.

TGP reader Tony Passarella shared pictures of the beautiful and uplifting event.

Photo Credit: Tony Passarella
Photo Credit: Tony Passarella
Photo Credit: Tony Passarella
Photo Credit: Tony Passarella
Photo Credit: Tony Passarella
Photo Credit: Tony Passarella