Posted BY: William R. Hawkins

There is a strange but all too widespread coalition of left-wing anti-war activists and alleged “right-wing” isolationists trying desperately to dimmish any perception that Russia and China are working together against American security. A focus has been the Ukraine invasion, the larger consequences of which they dismiss except to fear that it might lead to regime change in Moscow rather than Kyiv. The ugliest and most ridiculous manifestation of this was Tucker Carlson’s disgraceful rant against President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech to Congress. He embarrassed Fox News and insulted its patriotic audience by trotting out every New Left argument from the anti-Vietnam war era, from the military-industrial complex to foreign corruption, with added insults comparing Zelensky to a strip club owner. Carlson even made the absurd claim that Zelensky was trying to destroy Christianity because he had closed some Russian Orthodox churches aligned with Moscow. Tucker’s membership card to Code Pink is in the mail.

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