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Chinese state media has accused the US of using the recent incident involving a suspected Chinese spy balloon as a political ploy to enflame tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Beijing mouthpiece the China Daily made the sensational claim in a scathing editorial published Wednesday, which charged that Joe Biden and his administration have ‘overreacted’ to the incident and used it to their benefit.

The piece, titled Paranoia spurs China-bashers to dramatize balloon incident into a Hollywood blockbuster, points to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken‘s planned visit to the country as proof of this supposed ploy, along with its recent cancellation.

Blinken, who was due to depart for Beijing on Friday, said at a press conference that the high-altitude surveillance craft seen flying over the continental United States near South Carolina ‘created the conditions that undermine the purpose of the trip.’

Beijing, meanwhile, has issued the following, chilling statement in reply, saying it ‘reserves the right to make further responses if necessary.’

‘China has strongly protested at the shooting down of its meteorological balloon that had strayed into US airspace,’ the piece’s opening line reads, adding that the aircraft strayed into US airspace ‘completely accidentally.’

The article goes on to reiterate Beijing’s official stance on the purpose of the South Carolina balloon, which is that it was used for meteorological purposes and that its entry into US airspace was unintended.

‘A US military fighter jet shot down the balloon off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday, a week after it first entered US airspace,’ it reads, before referencing China’s Foreign Ministry’s official response to the incident.

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