Source: Scott

Villianizing the unvaccinated is all the rage these days, especially from those who have zero answers for ending this pandemic other than the same tired nonsense they’ve peddled for almost two years now. 

After lockdowns and masks did little to nothing, vaccines were supposed to do the trick. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci himself predicted the jabs would bring a quick end to the pandemic in November … 2020. Yet, far more people have died so far in 2021 – when vaccines were prevalent – than all of last year.

So now, thanks to a Delta surge in some places and the rise of the possibly milder OMICRON variant, we’re back to lockdown threats and mask mandates in blue areas, even as people in red states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee live and breathe freely. ‘If only those stubborn anti-science rubes would get vaccinated,’ we’re told, ‘the pandemic would end.’

Except, it’s far more complicated than that, a fact that Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon who served as President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, pointed out during a Sunday appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” Asked by anchor Maria Bartiromo about whether people should take a booster shot, Carson destroyed the logic of the Branch Covidien with some well-placed truth bombs.

Well, you know, a booster is nothing more than less than a full dose of the vaccine. So it’s like, take a half dose and get it again. And I guess the big question is, why do we keep needing boosters? First it was going to be the one vaccine, then it was going to be two and then it’s a vaccine and a booster and probably we’re gonna need another booster later. That’s one of the reasons that we need to be looking at some of the alternatives in a very serious fashion. As well as looking for other types of vaccines that won’t require repeated boosters. But the last thing in the world we need to be doing is villainizing the people who use their choice to take a different route. 

Bartiromo ended the topic by pointing out the fact that the unscientific powers that be also continue to “completely ignore” natural immunity in the equation.