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If you listen to Bernie Sanders, he frequently claims to have massive support from young voters.

That could be true, but unfortunately for Bernie, they’re not showing up at the polls.

This is going to present a problem for his candidacy.

USA Today reports:

Many young voters sat out Super Tuesday, contributing to Bernie Sanders’ losses

Young voters cheer Bernie Sanders’ anti-establishment message. They turn out in throngs at his rallies. And they form the core of his grassroots efforts to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

But their fiery passion did not translate into the robust turnout he needed on Super Tuesday to win a number of key states, notably in the South where a strong showing by Joe Biden has made the nomination contest a two-person race, especially now that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden.

Exit polls for several states Biden won, including Massachusetts, Texas and several southern states that helped catapult the former vice president into front-runner status, found that while more young voters went to the polls this election cycle, they did not show up at the rate they did in 2016.

This does not bode well for Bernie’s chances.

Even CNN has noticed:

Biden’s older voters are showing up. Sanders’ young voters aren’t

Super Tuesday was not so super for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. He lost most of the states up for grabs, and it’s quite possible that he’ll end up with fewer delegates on the evening than chief rival former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders’ struggles reflect an inability to connect with older voters, while at the same time failing to generate large youth turnout.

We saw a very familiar age gap across the Super Tuesday states. Sanders crushed it with younger voters. Looking across all the contests with an exit poll, Sanders won an astounding 61% to Biden’s 17% among voters under 30 years old.

He even beat Biden by 20 points (43% to 23%) among those between 30 years old and 44 years old.

Bernie isn’t out of the race yet, and he’ll have more chances for these voters to turn out in Michigan and Florida.


If they don’t, his campaign won’t last much longer.

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