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Merry Christmas to all the RedStaters out there. And while I know most of us will be spending the bulk of the day with family, you’ve still got to have something to read between listening to the rantings of your crazy uncle and eating that third piece of pecan pie. With that said, I offer up this humble Christmas Day helping of liberal insanity, and you’ll be less than shocked to learn it comes from Bernie Sanders.

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The Vermont senator shared his thoughts on Christmas the last two days and to be frank, they are just a little bit tone-deaf — given the actual reason for the season.

Look, I understand Bernie isn’t a Christian, and that’s certainly allowed in a free society. But given that, perhaps he should refrain from minimizing the birth of our Lord and Savior by trying to make it about the “labor movement” and “environmental sanity.” Does Bernie mix his politics with Muslim holidays like this? Yeah, I didn’t think so, and there’s something innately disrespectful and distasteful about wishing someone a merry Christmas while couching it in one’s far-left politics.

Do you know what I do when I wish someone a merry Christmas as a Christian? I just…wish them a merry Christmas. It’s not that difficult to give it a rest for a few days. Not everything must be spun to fit a political narrative.

Besides, the idea that the “holiday weekend” was brought to us by the labor movement is nonsense. Christmas has been a national holiday since 1870, and Americans have been putting work aside to celebrate the occasion since this country’s inception. Further, because our nation was largely agrarian until the industrial revolution, most people weren’t working during the Christmas season anyway. Where does Bernie think all these family traditions of rest and fun we are engaging in today came from? The Soviet Union?

The reality is this: Christmas is about Jesus Christ. It’s not about the environment, consumerism, COVID-19, or even secular ideas of justice. So while I recognize that Bernie is free to celebrate today however he chooses, including not celebrating it at all, I think most Christians would appreciate him showing just a touch of reverence on a day that means so much to us. There’s plenty of time for him to spread the message of socialism throughout the rest of the year.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. I’ve got a date with some prime rib and a lot of sweet potato pie.