– That Will Be A Final Warning Sign Before The Arrival Of Full-Scale Tyranny

Posted BY: Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Imagine waking up one morning in the near future and while setting out to start your day, you decide to visit your favorite independent news website to see what’s going on in the world, only to be greeted with an error message. Thinking immediately ‘well sometimes websites glitch and have downtime‘, you move on to your other favorite websites only to discover the exact same thing, over and over again.

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Now being a bit concerned but understanding some of these websites might be hosted by the same companies, you surf around to see what you can find out, only to find that every website you regularly visit for alternative information is down as well, kicking that ‘concern’ level up several notches.

Deciding then to reach out to one or two of those websites via email, since at least your email was still working, you receive no emails back but then decide to move over to one of the ‘mainstream news media‘ outlets that you so despise to see if there’s anything about all of this on there and are able to reach such websites instantly.

And then in reading their headline story it hits you. 

Reporting the government had just engaged in a massive takedown all across the internet of what they deemed to be ‘disinformation‘ websites, while you might have thought such a scenario would never happen in a free country, it already had and by then, it was too late for anyone to really do anything about it.

With ANP long ago warned by a very-well trusted source that the complete takedown of the independent media would be one of the final two straws before full-scale tyranny was unveiled in America (with the elimination of the 2nd Amendment being the other), imagine being forced to go back to the days where CNN or MSNBC or the Washington Post, etc, were the primary sources of information for Americans and you can see where we’re being herded.

So while the 2nd Amendment is supposed to fully back and support the 1st Amendment here in America, as we’ll see in a slew of new stories out over the last several days, the radical left is on the warpath against the 1st Amendment here in May of 2022, with this new story over at WND warning ‘the feds‘ are planning on using ‘domestic terrorism laws‘ to silence dissent and control what is left of ‘free speech‘. From that story briefly before we continue.: 

The domestic terrorism bill passed by the House this week targets “white supremacists” and “neo-nazis.” 

But the problem, points out Robert Spencer – known for his prolific writing on Islamic supremacism and terrorism – is that the political left typically uses those terms to smear anyone opposed to their agenda. 

That has included, he wrote on his Jihad Watch site, “law-abiding Americans who abhor racism and fascism and are simply standing against Communist indoctrination, transgender delusions, and other lies foisted upon us from above these days.” 

The House bill passed Wednesday, H.R. 350, establishes domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the FBI. It requires the agencies to assess white supremacist and neo-nazi threats in the United States and inside agencies.  

So as we’ll explore within the rest of this story, with ‘America‘ clearly ‘shanghaied‘, the radicals on the left trying their best to control anything and everything that happens in this country, along with all of the people and our ‘beliefs‘ and what is ‘news‘, there’s never been a more important time than now to be ready for anything and everything, including all independent news websites taken down in unison under the guise of fighting ‘misinformation‘. That despite the fact that Joe Biden’s government agencies and the MSM are the biggest peddlers of disinformation and misinformation in 2022 of all. 

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And with NY Governor Kathy Hochul wasting no time at all to turn the recent Buffalo mass shooting into ‘an opportunity‘ to further crack down upon free speech, signing two sweeping executive orders supposedly aimed at eradicating hate speech and preventing racially motivated shootings (which are already illegal, by the way), as this next WND story reported, the orders announced the formation of a “domestic terrorism unit” to crack down on social media posts that Hochul and her minions deem offensive

So in their insane eyes, the left can go ahead and criticize and down talk and be offensive to Independents and Republicans as much as they want, as seen during the Trump era and ever since, but when it comes to such ‘free speech‘ for anyone to the right of the radical left, the freedom of speech is undeserved and should be classified as ‘hate speech‘. Just look at what has happened to Europe to see where we are headed. Once again, from this next WND story.: 

“The unit will be responsible for developing investigative leads based on social media analyses focused on radical extremist activities motivated threats by identifying online locations and activities that facilitate radicalization and promote violent extremism,” the Democrat said. 

The other order requires state police to identify and target people they consider “dangerous” in order to prevent them from buying guns. 

“The State Police shall establish a dedicated unit within the New York State Intelligence Center (NYSIC) to track domestic extremism and increase social media monitoring at the Intelligence Center,” Hochul said. 

The left-wing governor claimed her orders were necessary following the Buffalo shooting on Saturday in which a white teenager targeted black people at a grocery store in a racially motivated attack, according to police. Thirteen people were shot, 10 of them fatally. 

“In wake of the racist act of terror in Buffalo, New York will lead the charge to confront this epidemic head-on,” Hochul tweeted on Wednesday.

Can you say ‘a recipe for tyranny‘? None of us should be the least bit surprised. 

As we’d reported on ANP on May 18th in this story titled “Ominous Buffalo Evidence Reminds Us Of Operation Northwoods And MKUltra! Govt Proved Long Ago They’d Massacre Americans When It Helps Them Complete Their Agendas”, Biden and Democrats NEEDED a ‘distraction‘ from their seemingly never-ending series of HORRID FAILURES, and they got it, with that shooting having all the hallmarks of a ‘false flag event‘ and coming along just in time for them to push their agendas. 

And just notice how the mainstream media jumped all over that shooting, while totally ignoring the seemingly endless string of shootings and murders in Democrat-run cities all across America, including 223 people murdered in 2022 in Chicago as of May 24th, the 32 people murdered in Baltimore in April 2022 alone and the 163 people already murdered in NY City as of May 22nd

So with America continuing to be herded deeper and deeper into very dangerous territory, and any full-scale gutting of the 1st Amendment exactly why America’s Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment into the US Constitution, to prevent such a scenario, it’s definitely NOT just a ‘coincidence‘ that all of this is happening at the very same time as America’s collapse and utter humiliation under Joe Biden. 

Seen partially in all of the empty store shelves across America as seen in photograph after photograph emailed to ANP by our readers that remind us of Venezuela while in collapse; in the indoctrination of our children; in the growing instances of cannibalism and other horrific, murderous behavior around the world; in the demonization of Patriotic Americans as ‘white supremacists‘ and especially now in Joe Biden’s war upon America’s newborn babies, there can be little doubt that America as we know it has been ‘shanghaied‘.

And with synonyms for shanghaied including: To abduct or coerce, to force, to capture or seize, to kidnap or hold for ransom and to commandeer among many others, who’d argue now that America HASN’T been shanghaied, with the globalists prepping that ‘boot stamping upon our faces forever‘ as this story is written. 

Yet as Susan Duclos had reported in this August 25th of 2021 ANP story titled “The Only Reason Patriots Aren’t Being Marched Off To The Ovens Right Now Is Americans Are Heavily Armed – That’s The Difference Between The Tyranny In Australia And The Wannabe Dictators In America”, ‘We the American People‘ have NOT ALLOWED liberals to disarm us as we’ve seen throughout Europe and other Western nations. 

And with any tyrannical attempt made to destroy the 2nd Amendment and disarm the masses of American people absolutely sure to eventually end in the destruction of the tyrants who attempt to disarm them, just as America’s Founding Fathers intended of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution in the first place, each of the videos below take a look at the utter mess that Biden and Democrats have made of America as they push us towards the globalists ‘end game’. So please join us in prayer for America.