Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

In a recent statement addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, President Joe Biden shifted the blame for undermining border security onto Republicans, despite a noticeable surge in illegal immigration during his administration. He also asserted that his predecessor, President Trump, had “spent four years gutting the immigration system.”

Biden’s comments came amidst growing concerns over the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. His administration faced criticism as the number of border crossings surged, with a record-breaking 10,000 crossings in a single day this week.

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Remarkably, Biden’s press secretary refused to address these concerns directly, sarcastically dismissing the use of razor wire as a means of stopping illegal immigration as a “political stunt.” Instead, she contended that Biden had taken “historic action” on immigration.

Despite the evident influx, some Democrats remained in denial about the severity of the issue, while others, particularly those in major cities, voiced their frustration, demanding action to address the border crisis.

This situation has left the border seemingly wide open, with over 100,000 illegal immigrants crossing in less than a month, raising concerns about national security and immigration policy.