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TSA and Border Patrol whistleblowers have raised concerns about a Biden administration plan for a comprehensive Covid lockdown, with a gradual implementation set to begin in mid-September. These whistleblowers, including a high-level TSA official and a trusted Border Patrol source, have contacted Infowars to expose the alleged plot. According to the sources, a Tuesday meeting involving TSA managers revealed that new memorandum policies were being developed to reintroduce masking, starting with TSA and airport employees in mid-September.

The same directives were reportedly given to Border Patrol as well. The sources emphasized that the return to stricter Covid measures is not a matter of “if” but “when,” with expectations that official Covid numbers will rise again by mid-October. This potential resurgence of Covid cases is seen as a pretext for implementing broader lockdown measures.

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Infowars suggests that the timing of this rollout could serve the Biden administration’s interests, potentially allowing them to establish a state of civil emergency or even martial law. This move is theorized to further divide and confuse the public, potentially impacting the upcoming presidential election. It posits that the new crisis in September could provide an opportunity for a build-up of control, facilitating the use of mail-in ballots once again.

The piece points out that previous Covid lockdowns were viewed as part of an international psychological warfare operation. Many countries allegedly employed fear campaigns for political purposes and to promote experimental Covid shots. However, the article suggests that public awareness of such tactics has grown, potentially making the masses less receptive to mainstream media’s portrayal of the situation. In conclusion, the whistleblowers’ claims about the Biden administration’s alleged plans for a comprehensive Covid lockdown with an incremental rollout in September have raised concerns. The sources, a TSA official and a Border Patrol manager have reached out to Infowars to share their insights. The article speculates on the potential implications of these measures on public perception, elections, and the ongoing response to the pandemic.