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The Biden administration’s approach to immigration policies has raised significant concerns about child trafficking and exploitation. This policy, involving the intentional loosening of border controls, has allowed a surge of migrants to enter the United States, resulting in what a federal whistleblower describes as a “large-scale, multi-billion-dollar child trafficking operation” facilitated by the U.S. government itself.

The Republican-led efforts to address this crisis led to legislation aimed at slowing down the influx of migrants and extending the border wall constructed during the Trump administration. However, President Biden’s response has caused controversy as he reportedly auctioned off border wall components worth millions of dollars to hinder the wall’s completion, thus perpetuating the situation.

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Amid these developments, various commentators and journalists argue that the issues faced by the nation today extend beyond politics, ideology, or psychology; they represent a spiritual battle between good and evil. Contentious matters such as early sexualization of children, transgender issues, abortion rights, and suppression of free speech are symptoms of this broader struggle. The battle against child trafficking and exploitation is intrinsically linked to this spiritual conflict. The movie “Sound of Freedom” highlights the widespread trafficking and sexual slavery of children, shedding light on the horrifying reality. Actor Jim Caviezel, who portrays child rescuer Tim Ballard in the film, delves into the psychology of perpetrators, suggesting that their attraction to innocence manifests darkness and corruption.

Interestingly, the article also highlights the resistance faced by the movie “Sound of Freedom” and its portrayal of child sex slavery. Hollywood’s avoidance and defensiveness towards the film and critical media responses underline the societal discomfort around confronting these issues. The Biden administration’s handling of border policies has led to a crisis where unaccompanied migrant children are at high risk of exploitation. The whistleblower’s testimony underscores the alarming number of missing migrant children and the U.S. government’s inadvertent role in facilitating child trafficking.

In conclusion, the U.S.’s challenges are part of a broader spiritual conflict between good and evil. The intentional or unintentional facilitation of child trafficking amid immigration policies raises significant moral concerns, shedding light on the extent of darkness that can pervade society. The underlying theme is that confronting these issues requires acknowledging the spiritual battle between forces seeking to exploit innocence and those striving to protect it.