Source: Mike LaChance

How out of touch and delusional is Joe Biden?

He recently told supporters at a fundraiser that his administration and Democrats have done a hell of job.

He made the remarks during a fundraiser at a yacht club, no less.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘We’ve done one hell of a job’ boasts Biden at Portland Yacht Club fundraiser saying Democrats are in political trouble because Americans ‘don’t know a lot about what we’ve already done’

President Joe Biden suggested Democrats were having political trouble because Americans were unaware of the party’s accomplishments.

We’ve done one hell of a job,’ the president said Thursday afternoon at a high-dollar fundraiser at the Portland Yacht Club, co-hosted by The New Republic’s owner and editor Win McCormack and his political consultant wife, Carol Butler.

Biden said that ‘because things have moved so rapidly, so profoundly’ that ‘they don’t know a lot about what we’ve already done.’

He cited some statistics like the creation of 7.9 million jobs, including 430,000 manufacturing jobs, a shrinking unemployment rate and deficit reduction.

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The president appeared at back-to-back fundraisers in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington Thursday – marking Biden’s first time fundraising on the road as president of the United States.

In Seattle, Biden headlined an affair at the lakefront home of Mary Snapp and Spencer Frazer hosted by Microsoft’s President and Vice Chair Brad Smith and his wife Kathy Surace-Smith.

At both fundraisers he was raising money for he Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, the Democratic National Committee’s political action committee, in advance of the 2022 November midterm races.