Posted By:J.B. Shurk

“Exit Stage Lost” must be the final command regularly displayed on Joe Biden’s teleprompter because the senile old stooge always wanders around aimlessly after mumbling through any public remarks.  I’m guessing it’s his speechwriters’ way of gently prodding: “Now go along and play with your toys while the adults take care of important business.”  Although, given how perplexed Biden always appears and how intensely he seems to be searching for something invisible to everyone else, perhaps the teleprompter-in-chief flashes: “Tag, you’re it; now go find Corn Pop hiding in the bushes.”  

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Obama couldn’t speak coherently without a teleprompter, and Biden can’t speak coherently even with a teleprompter.  Had our enemies just made a concerted effort to destroy the world’s supply of functioning teleprompters, the Obama-Biden presidencies would have consisted of nothing but strings of um-um-ums, regular urrs, a whole lot of uhhhs, mindless slobbering from Dementia Joe, and an occasional self-righteous “That’s not who we are.”  You’d think anybody haughty enough to claim the honorific title of “most powerful man in the world” would be capable of speaking in complete sentences for as long as the occasion required without the assistance of someone whispering in his ear, but alas, political puppets rarely require cognitive ability or oratorical skill.

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