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A former radical leftist-turned-conservative commentator says President Joe Biden is guilty of treason for selling out the United States to its foreign adversaries for piles of dirty cash.

In an explosive commentary published Tuesday in Front Page Magazine under the headline, “How Should We Regard the President’s Treason?” David Horowitz said Biden has betrayed the U.S. through his decades-long history of influence-peddling, enriching himself while undermining and weakening the nation he’s supposed to serve.

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“Who is Joe Biden?” Horowitz wrote. “The language we have been using to describe what has been happening to our country is so sanitized that the most fearless of our politicians and news commentators will go no further than wondering aloud whether Joe Biden might be ‘compromised’ by his influence-peddling side businesses with our enemies, China and Russia.”

Under 18 U.S. Code §2381, treason — a crime punishable by death — involves waging war and/or “giving aid and comfort” to enemies of the United States.

Horowitz, the bestselling author of “Enemy Within” and “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America,” said Biden’s treachery is obvious, but the Washington establishment and the corporate media have turned a blind eye to his betrayal.

“Here is the blunt and clarifying way to put his activities of the last several decades: ‘Joe Biden and his family have made themselves wealthy beyond their dreams by taking millions of dollars in bribes from foreign powers, chief among them our mortal enemy Communist China,’” he wrote.

The conservative activist said Biden is enabling the destruction of the U.S. in numerous ways, including:

• Incentivizing the border crisis, which has led to the mass fentanyl poisoning of Americans.
• Covering up the Wuhan lab origins of COVID-19.
• Not holding China and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, accountable for funding the coronavirus.
• Botching the Afghanistan withdrawal, which led to $7 billion in U.S. military equipment falling into Taliban hands.

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