Posted BY: Blaine L. Pardoe

There have been a number of books released recently that highlight America’s collective buyer’s remorse in electing Joe Biden as President.  As we came through a spring of Biden’s administration starting a new Cold War with Russia, skyrocketing inflation, and a baby formula shortage; the opportunities for authors to highlight the multitude of failures is easy. You know it is dire when no one on the Left is writing a book about the glowing successes of the Biden administration and its domestic and foreign triumphs.  

So what makes Ed Brodow’s, America on its Knees, stand out? 

First off is his crisp and often biting writing style.  Brodow’s text is not just well organized, it is cynical in all the right places, sardonic when it is right, snarky when you need it to be, and even sarcastically funny at times.  All too often authors of nonfiction books are blunt to the point where the reader feels pummeled with their words.  Ed Brodow weaves a story of what America lost with the election of Joe Biden and does so in a very easy-to-read form.  When I get a 200+ page non-fiction book, I anticipate three-to-four days of reading to get into it. I was so engaged with his style, I finished this in 48 hours.  

Secondly, this is not a book of singular personal opinions. America on its Knees is well researched, with dozens of quotes from reliable sources to back up the author’s insights and views.  This elevates it from the ‘professional ranter’ author class to a professionally written tome of America’s current desperate plight.  

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America on its Knees highlights the dangers and threats that our nation faces. There’s a chapter on “What the Left Really Wants,” which picks apart the agenda of the radical Progressives of the Democratic Party.  The chapter, “The Race Card,” tears into how the left is leveraging race as a dividing wedge for the country.  The chapter, “Biden’s Secret Immigration Policy,” was one where I found myself longing once more for the return of Donald Trump. Brodow goes beyond the utter failures on the southern border and the near-destruction of the American legal system. In reading this book, I found myself nodding a lot with the points that the author scored.  

His chapter where the author dismantles the Democratic Party is very potent. He points out that the Left has become a gang of jackbooted thugs, wreathed in lawlessness.  They have become a party that relies on brute violence to coerce and intimidate their enemies — which just happens to be roughly half of the country.  

Where the book really connected with me was his chapter on the woke movement. I was shocked to learn that United Airlines had implemented woke hiring standards, and found myself thrilled to see the backlash they suffered as a result of those decisions.  The author outlines the risks of deliberate gender confusion to our society.  I found his stab at woke Hollywood particularly good.  Brodow points out the impact on the Oscars, “No movie can qualify for a Best Picture Oscar unless at least one lead actor comes from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, or at least 30 percent of the cast in secondary roles is drawn from designated groups, or a main story line centers on an underrepresented identity group…” “…Under the new rules, classic Best Picture winners of the past such as CasablancaGone with the WindLawrence of ArabiaHamletOn the WaterfrontPatton, and The Sound of Music would be disqualified.”  While bashing Hollywood is often a mainstay with conservative authors, Brodow elevates it by pointing out the loss to our entertainment and culture.  

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The author methodically tears into the destructive forces of the cancel culture. He accurately points out that most Americans do not support the woke movement, but are intimidated into silence on the matter out of fear of being targeted themselves.  The parallels to McCarthyism are not new, but the author weaves them into his narrative perfectly.  

The handling of the events of January 6th struck exactly the right balance between what really occurred and the alleged role of Donald Trump. The author also tears into the fallacies and falsehoods of Critical Race Theory and Biden’s Justice Department going after parents who resisted it as domestic terrorists. As a conservative, when I read this book, there were moments of complete frustration.  

My only criticism of the book was that the Epilogue, outlining the changes America needs to undertake to correct its course, was short.  Then again, it could be that the author is laying the foundation for another book… which is my sincere hope.  

America on its Knees is a great summer beach read and makes a compelling case for all that we, as a nation, lost in the election of 2020.