RED ALERT: Creepy Uncle Biden’s coming for your kids!

Source: NwoReport

Joe Biden declared he would support an FDA effort to approve experimental Covid-19 jabs for youngsters.

The senile septuagenarian made the remarks during a press conference unveiling new pandemic tactics, including new travel restrictions due to the coronavirus Omicron variant.

“This variant is a cause for concern, but not panic,” Biden said Thursday, speaking from the National Institutes of Health.

Biden also broke down his initiative to get Covid jabs approved by the FDA for children under 5.

“We had a function celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas and various things at the White House. The parents coming up to me, they’re saying, ‘I have a three-year-old. Is there going to be a time that can… am I going to be okay? Is she going to be okay, or is he going to be okay?’

“And let me say this: I strongly support the independent scientific review of vaccine uses for children under five. Now we can’t take shortcuts with that scientific work, but I’ll do everything in my power to support the FDA to do this safely and quickly as possible when we get to that… around that point.

“Vaccinating our children is also critical to keeping our schools open, but while over 99 percent of our schools are open now we need to make sure that we keep that throughout the winter, this winter. The CDC is now reviewing pioneering approaches like this recall ‘test to stay’ policies which could allow students to stay in the classroom and be tested frequently when a positive case in that classroom popped up that wasn’t them. Up to now you could [go] home when you quarantined, but rather than being sent home and quarantined they’d be able to stay because the tests will be available and regularly.

“The CDC will be releasing the latest science and other findings in the coming weeks so that other schools can learn from and then from the impediment excuse me if there are any impediments in this practice they can learn to implement exactly what the best way to do this is it’s a process. We want our children in school and we’re going to take new steps to make sure they stay that way, but again the best step is to vaccinate your children get them vaccinated.”

Make no mistake, children are in danger of being swept up by the Great Reset’s medical tyranny unless parents and others stand up and fight back politically.

Watch Thursday’s full press conference below: