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The likeliest resolution to this standoff remains a last-minute deal struck between the White House and Speaker McCarthy, which will garner enough bipartisan votes to get through Congress. Conservatives and progressives will oppose it, but rank-and-file members will hold their noses and push the agreement through, with leaders on each side pointing to various details and concessions while declaring victory. The debt ceiling will be raised. Some form of very modest spending restraint will be imposed. And Washington will collectively head off toward the next regularly-scheduled fiscal cliff. We’ve seen movies like this before, so the outcome doesn’t feel like a mystery.

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But the Democrats’ plan hasn’t worked thus far.  Led by the president, they’ve refused to negotiate for months, assuming that the raucous House Republican conference wouldn’t be able to coalesce behind any plan.  The expectation was that Democrats could point to GOP dysfunction while ramping up public pressure, aided by the media, for a ‘clean’ debt ceiling hike.

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