Imagine Sleepy Joe lucidly explaining what the supply chain is.

Source: Nworeport

Joe Biden can’t resist showing his contempt for the everyday American.

During a White House press conference on Saturday, Biden suggested that the American people don’t understand why the domestic supply chain is breaking down.

“If we were all going out and having lunch together and I said let’s ask whoever’s in the next table, no matter what restaurant we’re in, have them explain the supply chain to us. Do you think they’d understand what we’re talking about?” Biden asked reporters.

The reason why the supply chain is so badly backed up, Joe Biden said, is simply because too many people have COVID — despite the widespread availability of the now-mandatory injection.

“They’re smart people. But supply chain. Why is everything backed up?” Biden asked. “Well, it’s backed up because people who supply the materials that end up being on our kitchen table, or in our fam- in our life, guess what? They closed those plants because they have COVID.”

“And so, it’s a complicated world the people are facing,” he added.

It sure is — especially if you’re senile, Joe.

The reality is Biden’s vaccine mandate has already led to mass firings across major industries, like the medical and airline industry, which has lead to widespread disruptions and employee revolts.

Additionally, a record 100 million Americans aren’t working or don’t plan to work thanks to Biden’s COVID welfare policies.

Thus, the supply chain disruptions are a manufactured phenomenon created solely by Joe Biden’s policies in a bid to roll out the globalist Great Reset agenda.

Biden’s full presser: