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Joe Biden, aged 80, was seen receiving help from his daughter, Ashley Biden, as they exited a New York City restaurant. The occasion was a family birthday dinner at Il Cantinori, celebrating the birthday of Hunter Biden’s daughter, Finnegan. Notably, Hunter Biden was not spotted by reporters during the event.

The moment was captured in a video by the AP’s Aamer Madhani, where President Biden, surrounded by Secret Service agents, was led down a flight of stairs by Ashley, who held his left hand. After a brief pause to engage with someone, Ashley continued guiding him down the steps, with an unidentified person appearing to assist the president’s right-hand side.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was warm and supportive as fellow Democrats gave President Biden a standing ovation upon his exit, and cheers echoed from nearby apartment buildings, which was a highly democrat part of town.

Photographer Doug Mills of The New York Times also documented the ridiculous moment, emphasizing the family had to help Biden.

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This episode serves as a reminder of the human side of politics, showcasing a family coming together to celebrate a special occasion. It highlights the enduring bond between President Biden and his daughter Ashley, who provided the support he needed as they left the restaurant.