Source: Daily Mail

Biden repeated a story about an encounter with an Amtrak conductor friend for the seventh time 

Biden, 79, was speaking at the launch of the Additive Manufacturing Forward initiative in Ohio with Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman when he recalled the encounter with rail worker Angelo Negri.

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He appears to shift the date of the meeting from his last retelling, where he claimed it happened in 2015, to before the death of his mother in January 2010, when he was Vice President.

Negri retired as an Amtrak conductor in 1993, according to his 2014 obituary. That is long before Biden was elected vice president in 2008. In one re-telling, Biden claimed to have hit the milestone in 2015 – a year after Negri’s death.

On Saturday, Biden opened the story by addressing Brown in particular: ‘You’d get a kick out of this, Sherrod.’

‘I was – the Secret Service doesn’t like me taking the train because it stops too many places,’ he said. ‘And so I was riding home though to see my mom who was living with me because she was in hospice.’ 

‘And on a Friday, a guy named Angelo Negri, a conductor, senior conductor, walked up and said, ‘Joey, baby!’ – grabbed my cheek. I though he was gonna shoot him. He goes, ‘Joey!’ I said, ‘Ang!’ I said, ‘He’s okay, he’s a friend.’ True story.’ 

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